This is part of our Their Balm series that explores community-sourced wellbeing techniques.


✨ The full moon in Taurus rises tonight against a lunar eclipse. ✨ The Full Moon is a great opportunity to release and let go. Our spiritual guide Nikomeh Anderson (@wickedsirnik) has shared with us their ritual for a full moon celebration.

Complete with dancing, many animals, friends and fire, Nikomeh outlines some steps to create your own ritual and allow yourself to let go of what no longer serves you and enter this new beginning with a fresh start.

🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒 🌓🌔🌕

🌱 Eucalyptus. This is a dope amazing plant that helps clear your chest, is good for breath which is good for grounding - we dried our eucalyptus out and wherever it dries out it gives your lungs an extra boost. You can also make it into bath salts- a multipurpose plant! (🔥Hot tip: keep it in the shower/bath🔥).

📐 Structure. For this fire I built a square and then cut it in half- fires love triangles. The square structure allows for a longer burning fire, but the triangles allow it to be easier to light and get airflow. After I light the kindling I use the wind and my breath and the air to keep it lit. If you have a strong structure, then the fire can do what it does. Fire magic. (🔥Hot tip: when you're feeding the fire, even if it's with a bit of cardboard, have an intention for what you are putting into the fire🔥). 💧🧯 Remember: Fire is a creation force and a destruction force, always have water nearby for water safety.

🎁 Gifts. When you're doing a group ritual it can be formal or super casual. Our idea was to come together and be together on the full moon. We revisited some of the intentions we made from the new moon. The lighting of the fire is the first intention, feeding the fire is the second intention and then allowing people to connect is the third. (🔥Hot tip: An intro circle is a great way to feel connected. Names, pronouns, astrological signs 🔥).

✂️ Sacrificing the old and bringing in the new. Burning things that literally no longer serve us, such as a wilting lavender plant. We had everyone write intentions that they are cleansing or letting go of that they would like to release into the fire. We wrote those intentions on paper and put them into a hat. Then we took another person's intention, read it aloud, and then put it into the fire.

💃🏾 Finally, my favorite part, dancing. We danced with our own shadows from the moonlight- the shadows within the shadows -integration of the intentions and the release. Dancing for me is the ultimate form of release.