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We are inspired by risk‑takers and game‑changers.

Our Mission

We are a community-built, holistic wellness brand that transforms ordinary moments. We believe the queer community should have products as magical as they are. Ones that help them thrive across all dimensions of wellness. Our mission is redefine what it means to be well—for the person, the collective, and the planet.

”I started For Them because I believe wellness is vital, and as a queer, non-binary POC, I see thousands of companies focusing on products and services that do not speak to my experience. When connecting with the queer community I found that this was an issue for so many of us. We are unique and deserve to thrive in all things wellness. For Them is dedicated to that vision."

Founder Chloe Freeman

For Them founder Chloe Freeman

Nine dimensions of wellness


Movingliving, shining in my authentic self

Chest Binders coming soon!
For Them. Wellness dimension 4: Nourish.

Healing and feeding my authentic self

For Them. Wellness dimension 2: Transcend

Returning to my truest self and awakening my higher self

For Them. Wellness dimension 8: Dwell.

My home, within my home, within our home

For Them. Wellness dimension 6: Cultivate.

I learn, I share... I grow

For Them. Wellness dimension 5: Bloom.

Nurturing my money tree

For Them. Wellness dimension 7: Connect.

Connecting with my self & others

For Them. Wellness dimension 9: Share.

When my cup is full, I can pour...


Finding my people no matter where I am

Come and join us, we are talking about queer wellness here