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Shipping Policy

For Them's Shipping Policy

Thanks for ordering with For Them! To keep things streamlined, we only offer one shipping method/speed at the moment. Once we receive your order, we begin to process it. With the exception of The Binder which is currently being made-to-order, items will be shipped within 3-5 days of ordering. Once we ship your order, we’ll send you a tracking link to take the guesswork out of waiting.

But listen, a watched pot never boils so we suggest you join our Discord to pass the time. Who knows, maybe you'll like the conversations! Even if you don't join (but you should), we promise the products are worth the wait.

Note: we can only ship to the USA right now.



Where do you ship?

At present, we can only ship within the USA. We're working quickly to scale to international delivery!

Where's my order? I haven't seen any changes in the tracking info.

Give it at least two days since you received the tracking info. If you don't see any new info after 48 hours, chat with us on Discord for help. You can always text us at 917.810.2406.

Do you offer discreet packaging?

Our standard packaging has minimal branding. If you need completely discreet packaging, we got you covered too. Select 'Discreet shipping' at check out and your order will arrive in a plain shipping bag/box without 'For Them' even on the shipping label.

How will my order ship?

We ship by Sendle, a certified B Corporation and carbon neutral shipping service. 

What is the environmental impact of my order?

We're doing everything we can to minimize the environmental impact of shipping! We ship The Binder in un-dyed paperboard made with 90% post-consumer content that is fully recyclable and naturally biodegradable. We minimize plastic use, but when it is required by our shipping partners we only use recycled film. We ship The Fluid Serum in recyclable cardboard with recycled kraft crinkle paper. Finally, we ship via Sendle, who is the USA's first 100% carbon neutral shipping service and a certified B Corporation.

recycled or recyclable mailers with minimal dyes. We ship via Sendle, who is the USA's first 100% carbon neutral shipping service and a certified B Corporation.